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You know that guy you meet who constantly uses his fingers to make inverted commas. He’s annoying, right? Well…if you met me I would annoy the hell out of you. You see, I do that all the time. I do it when I talk about the mass-produced “cider” that some commercial producers make, bottle and sell. Some may call it “cider” but, in fact, often it isn’t cider at all. Not really.

It’s actually made from a fermented apple concentrate. That means concentrated alcohol – sometimes 12 – 13 %. And, yes, if you’re thinking the only way to water that down is to…water it down… you’re right. So they do. Which means less alcohol. Cool. But also less flavour. Not so cool.


Apple Cider

This is our original. It’s a crisp cider with a bittersweet green apple finish. It’s our spin on a European style cider, utilizing 5 apple varietals to balance the profile and mouth feel.
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Pear Cider

Following on from our flagship apple cider, we ventured into producing South Africa’s first pear cider. It’s crafted using the same artisanal methods as our apple cider, however the end product is slightly sweeter, with an exceptional floral character.
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Cloudy Cider

Our original cider is somewhat removed from what the local market refers to as ‘cider’. So we have created this halfway point as an introduction to those who have a sweeter tooth than ourselves.
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Mulled Cider

We’re in the habit of doing things differently so here’s another first for South Africa: we took our original apple cider and blended it with spice-infused cloudy apple juice. It’s a seriously good winter warmer!
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Brandy Cask Cider

This cider is what happens when you challenge yourself. As a cider drinker. And as a cider maker. This is what happens when you take chances. This is what happens when you mix a deep, base apple cider with a fresher pear cider.
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Single Varietal Cider

This cider is what happens when you focus. This is what happens when you harness the identity of a single varietal apple. This is what happens when you think local produce. This is what happens when you bottle local produce.
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